Question - Use of Software

As part of its effort to make information about its faculty and coursework more readily available to the student body, the surgical technology department purchased web page design software so each of the members of the faculty can electronically post curriculum vitae and course syllabi. The department's administrative assistant attended a half-day instructional course on how to design and build web pages using the software. She has been asked to collect information from all of the department's faculty members and to try to put together simple web pages for all of them in time for the department's upcoming open house. Although the assistant is sure she can design simple web pages in time for the open house, she knows she could do a really good job on the web pages if she could work on them at home during the next few evenings and weekends. Plus, she would love to put together a personal web page of her own on her home computer. She decides to take the software home with her that evening and install it on her personal computer. No problem, right?

It depends. The answer to when and whether software may be downloaded on a personal or remote computer is in the software licensing agreement. Generally, software packages may only be loaded on one computer. Some licensing agreements allow for multiple users, however. The illegal copying of software, called "pirating," is a big problem among educational and business institutions. Always check the software licensing agreement before installing software on a computer.

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